Why do Cats Drool?

Why do Cats Drool? Cats are wonderful pets loved and enjoyed by their owners. These pets exhibit many feline behaviors that are considered funny by their owners. One of them is kneading which is variously described by owners as making bread and making biscuit. Another funny feline behavior that owners talk about is drooling. There are many owners who ask do cats drool? It is a fact that cats start drooling when they are happy or feeling very relaxed.

There are many breeds of cats. Irrespective of their breed, cats have been found to drool in different situations as when they are petted or brushed by their owners. This drool machine starts to work at such a high rate that many owners need to place a towel under their cats when they are petting it or brushing its hair. Some cats drool so much that even their paws become wet because of drooling.

Even though a cat may be a drooler, she does not drool every time the owner pets her. Also, the amount of drool is not the same every time. If you are wondering why your cat drools so heavily at times and why there is no drool at other times, you need to know that it is normal for cats to be happy droolers. However, if your pet has never drooled before and suddenly starts his waterworks, you must get her oral health checked by a vet. There may be tooth damage, an ulcer, or some other oral disease behind her drooling. However, if there is no issue found inside her mouth, you can breathe easy and consider the drooling of your cat as harmless and funny behavior.

Just watch your cat closely in situations when she starts drooling. Does she also make purring sounds when petted or brushed? If yes, then you can safely assume that she drools whenever she receives positive stimulation. She is happy and relaxed and feeling very content when she is drooling. She is actually enjoying the positive stimulation form your side which may be anything from massaging and petting to brushing of her hair. She is in a blissful state and her muscles have relaxed to such a state that she cannot control her mouth. It remains open and the faucet from inside starts to work. There is no cause for concern if you have a drooling cat as she is only a very happy cat. She is exhibiting a benign feline behavior that is her way of expressing gratitude.

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