6 Symptoms that your dog is battling cancer

Cancer is a deadly disease, both for humans and animals. It is amongst the leading causes of death in dogs too, especially in the digs over the age of 10. However, if diagnosed at the right time, this disease can be defeated and if you keep good care of your dog, he/she can survive this battle. According to recent studies, 50% of dogs that are past age 10 develop cancer in some part of their life. There is skin cancer, tumors, breast cancers and many other types of cancer in dogs. Now since we don’t understand the dog language, we need to keep a close observation on the dog’s behavior. Usually it is difficult to detect cancer in the very early ages mostly because the owner does not pay much attention to what is happening to the dog, however, your dog will show some symptoms if he/she is developing cancer. If you keep a close check on these symptoms’ things can be controlled beforehand. What are these symptoms? To help you give an initial idea of what symptoms you need to look out for I have made this list of common symptoms in digs developing cancer. If you see any of these symptoms visit the veteran immediately: