How you can save your dog from cancer?

Research has shown that about 50% of the dogs past age 10 suffer from cancer at some part in their life. Cancer is a growing disease that has unfortunately become a leading cause of death in dogs. If diagnosed at the early stages it can be cured. However, it is well known fact that care is better than cure. Yes, cancer is a disease that silently grows and it is mostly diagnosed in its later stages but there are ways in which it can be prevented and you can save your dog from getting this disease. How you can do that? Based on recent researches and scientific facts, we have made this brief list for you that can help you take preventive measures and save your dog from getting into this struggle. Read carefully.

Keep your house free from toxic chemicals If you have a yard or you frequently take your dog to some park you need to make sure that the dog is not getting exposed too much to the toxic chemicals. Herbicides, pesticides, and other lawn chemicals are very dangerous for dogs and can promote cancer production in the body. Since dogs and cats remain closer to the ground they are at a bigger risk of getting affected by such chemicals. So use products that are guaranteed to be used with animals. Maintain a healthy diet A healthy diet can save your dog from getting cancer. Adding proteins, vitamins, meat, and fatty acids can prevent the production of cancerous cells. Fatty acids are known for reducing the risk of cancer and can even reduce the tumor size. Always be careful about what your dog is eating, it would be better if you consult a doctor to make a diet chart for your dog. Just like humans, fruits, and vegetables are good for maintaining a healthy body of dog and destroy the cancerous cells before they have the time to grow. Don’t let the dog get overweight

Obesity is leading cause of cancer. It is known to lead towards cancer and it is mostly caused due to high level of calories in the body, more than what the body needs. Sometimes we over feed the dog just trying to keep the dog happy. This leads to increase in weight, too much fats and calories which of course paves way for obesity. Therefore, maintain a record of times that you need to feed your dog. Let the dog digest well and use the energy and then feed them again. Say no to unnecessary vaccinations Your dog does not need every vaccination that your neighbor’s dog is getting. Every dog is different and has different body needs. You must consult a qualified veteran to ensure that your dog is getting all the required vaccinations and is not being filled with unnecessary vaccinations. Such vaccinations can actually be very dangerous for the immune system of the dog. And to fight cancer the immune system of the body needs to be strong. So be a little more careful in what chemicals you are injecting in the dog’s body. Exercise Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle leads to a happy mind which has a great effect on general health of the dog. Although cancer production depends largely on the breed and genetics of the dog, the general wellbeing of the dog also affects the prevention against cancer. Playing with the dog will keep him happy, which affects the happiness of the dog. It is directly linked with the heart, the immune system and fats production in the body. So make sure that you spend enough quality time with your dog to maintain a healthy relationship with the dog so that dog remains happy and has a sound mind with sound body. Cancer is a very dangerous disease but it can be prevented with the right measures and a little more care and observation towards your dog.